My Period is Late. What Do I Do?

Usually, menstrual cycles occur every 24-38 days. If your period is typically regular but hasn’t started within 4-5 days of when you expected it, this could be due to stress, lifestyle changes, or pregnancy.

Taking a pregnancy test is a good idea to rule out a potential pregnancy. At Life Choices Medical, we offer no-charge, lab-quality pregnancy tests and can also help you calculate the best time to take the test based on your last period.

Next Steps if the Test is Positive

If the pregnancy test returns positive, it’s okay to take some time to process the news. A helpful next step is to schedule an ultrasound to learn more about your pregnancy. The ultrasound can give you details like the gestational age, affecting your options.

You can also confirm whether or not your pregnancy is still viable. Up to 26% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, so knowing the pregnancy’s viability will give you peace of mind to help you determine how to move forward.

An ultrasound can also confirm the pregnancy’s location. Healthy pregnancies develop in the uterus, so if it is located outside the uterus, it is ectopic and requires immediate medical attention.

Life Choices Medical offers no-charge ultrasounds, during which you can obtain all these crucial details and learn more about the pregnancy process.

Next Steps if the Test is Negative

If the test returns negative, give your body more time if it is 4-5 days past the expected date. Try to recall if you have had anything that could disrupt your period, like travel or unusually high-stress levels, since these can affect your hormones.

If the pregnancy test is negative, take another one after 7-10 days. If it’s still negative, consider seeing your healthcare provider to investigate the cause and get personalized guidance. The key is not to panic—a late period doesn’t always mean something is wrong, but it doesn’t hurt to be proactive with steps like testing and seeking medical care to find answers.

Get No-Charge Assistance at Life Choices Medical

We provide no-charge pregnancy services like pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. You’ll find a safe, nonjudgmental space where you can get answers to your questions as you navigate potential or unexpected pregnancy.

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