At Life Choices Medical, we promise to always keep your visit private. We respect your right to privacy and all appointments are always confidential.

We also adhere to all HIPAA guidelines and will keep your personal information private. We will never violate your trust by sharing medical or other information with anyone unless specified by you.

We know facing an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming and pose unique challenges, and promise to keep all information shared with us private and confidential so you can make the best decisions moving forward.


We respect you, your choices, and the decisions you make. We will never pressure you to make a decision and will work to ensure your highest comfort while you are in our offices.

We know you have a lot of information to weigh and many options to choose from and are honored to walk this path with you. We can help you navigate all the choices in front of you but also respect that at the end of the day, the decision is yours to make.

Information & Options

We will always provide accurate information on all your options. When facing an unplanned pregnancy, you have three options to choose from — abortion, adoption, and parenting. We exist to make sure you understand all three so you can make a fully-informed decision for your pregnancy.

While we do provide information on abortion and abortion procedures, we do not perform or refer for them ourselves.

We are also not an adoption agency, so while we can answer questions about adoption and we can refer you to different agencies, we cannot connect you with adoptive families if that’s an option you’re considering.

We’re Here For You

At the end of the day, we’re here to listen, to provide information, and connect you to the resources you need to make a healthy choice. Please schedule an appointment today!

Every interruption is actually an opportunity for something beautiful to grow.