This woman is wondering about health insurance and abortion.

Health insurance companies generally require a legal financial obligation before extending your healthcare coverage to other individuals. 

This means your girlfriend would either need to be married to you or have an established domestic partnership before your insurance provider would cover her as well.

How Can I Help My Girlfriend Receive Health Insurance?

Your girlfriend has many options regarding health insurance coverage. 

Here are a few insurance options to research with her. Keep in mind, she may not be eligible for some of these based on her income, immigration status, and other factors. 

  1. Illinois Medical Programs

Illinois has many medical programs for those considered low or very low income. Since your girlfriend is pregnant, she could qualify for Illinois Medicaid if she meets their income requirements. Visit ​​the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services’ website to see if she qualifies for coverage.

  1. Employer Health Insurance

Is your girlfriend currently employed? If so, she should ask about healthcare benefits. Enrolling in her employer’s insurance plan could be an available option.

  1. Individual Health Insurance

You and your girlfriend could shop around and find an individual health insurance plan that meets her needs. These healthcare policies are independent of employment, but are typically more costly.

  1. Adult Child Insurance Coverage

In Illinois, insurance companies are required to cover dependent children up to age 26, and even up to (but not including) age 30 if the parents are military veterans. Your girlfriend could be covered by her parents if she is under the age of 26.

No-Cost Resources, Support, and Services

Supporting your girlfriend during pregnancy isn’t easy. We’re here with the support, services, and resources you both need to make an empowered choice for your future. 

We offer confidential pregnancy services like pregnancy tests and ultrasound so you both can learn as much as possible about the pregnancy, which will determine which options are available.

Schedule a no-cost appointment today. All of our services are provided at no charge, regardless of insurance status.

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