Do I have to tell my partner I want an abortion?

Getting a positive pregnancy test can be just as alarming as any other unexpected medical surprise. You were not planning on or trying to get pregnant, and the news can disrupt your current lifestyle and plans for the future.

Whatever your reasons for considering an abortion, it is a big decision for your body. Though you are under no legal obligation, telling your partner may be the caring and responsible thing if you feel safe doing so.

Read this article on how to share the news with empathy and confidence.

Make Sure That You Are Safe

Your safety and well-being should be the top priority. Do not feel obligated to tell your partner in person or do anything to jeopardize your safety.

Consider your partner’s behavior and how they may respond before sharing sensitive information. Protecting yourself is the most important if there are concerns about aggression, violence, or abuse.

Even with no previous threats, their reaction could be unpredictable. If unsure, share the news publicly or with a trusted friend present. You have every right to decide about your body and pregnancy without the pressure or fear of repercussion.

Make Sure It’s The Right Time

There is no perfect time or place to deliver unexpected or emotional news, but there is a wrong time.

While you want to protect yourself, you also want to be respectful of your partner. There may be better options than delivering it in front of a group of friends or family or if they are in the middle of driving through rush-hour traffic.

Try to find when you can both be fully present and in a private place.

Give Them Time and Space

Your partner deserves a chance to share his perspective, as the decision affects both of you. Hear him out and try to understand other views with an open yet critical mind. Have confidence in your choice by preparing facts to address any input or answer questions about how you came to it.

Make the Final Decision

Ultimately, it is your choice when making the final decision, but it may impact your physical and mental health and your relationship with your partner.

Because of this, ensure you’ve done all your research and discussed all your options with your partner, if possible, before fully committing to the termination. While abortion may seem the best or only solution, work with your partner to fully research each option before making a final decision.

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