3 Reasons You Need an Ultrasound before and Abortion

While an abortion may be the convenient option for your unplanned pregnancy, don’t skip recommended health screenings for preventative care. Read this article for the benefits of scheduling an ultrasound before an abortion procedure. 

Ultrasounds Can Determine Abortion Eligibility

If you’re planning on a chemical abortion, the FDA only approves the abortion pill through 10 weeks gestational age. If you’re unsure of the exact age of the pregnancy, an ultrasound will give you this detail so you know whether or not you qualify.

Ultrasound Will Confirm the Pregnancy’s Viability

Did you know that 1 in 4 known pregnancies end in natural miscarriage? Even if you’ve confirmed that you’re pregnant with a positive test, this can be misleading. 

Pregnancy tests have a reactive strip that detects the pregnancy hormone, hCG. This hormone can still be detectable a few days after a woman has miscarried her pregnancy. 

If you have an ultrasound, the digital image will be able to tell you whether or not the pregnancy is still developing. If it’s a miscarriage, this will require a treatment other than an elective abortion.

An Ultrasound Will Reveal the Pregnancy’s Location

Every healthy pregnancy should be in the uterus. However, pregnancies located outside of the uterus are called ectopic and can be life-threatening. They are most commonly found in the fallopian tubes and are in danger of tubal rupturing. 

An ultrasound will reveal your pregnancy’s location. If it’s ectopic, seek immediate medical attention and do not rely on an elective abortion. Elective abortions are not an effective treatment for pregnancies outside of the uterus.

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